Monday, December 8, 2014

Up at 4Am

Who does that?

One whom wears....What's the saying?

" Many Hats"

The universe has aligned me to balance and grow through what I go through.

For That I have to say,

Thank You Lord for your Loving Tender Mercy That Has Never Left Me.

These thought I have I can't claim.

Enough of that... I still feel as though I'm one who does need to explain anything.

I may share a thing or two and that brings me to you.

Don't expect to see your average #blog writing... I expect feedback.

There is currently some fashion starting to emerge on this page.

Simply put, behind the fitted black skirt and peekaboo blouse I'd wear into the 9-5, There lies more...

( Don't think of my Victoria Secrets ) more so think of this as a play and behind the curtain lies a

production staring @jordan2bmine.

Beauty Beyond Measure ( wardrobe / image stylist PROFESSIONALS CALL ME )  is my first of

many endeavors.

With an interior design background supported by William Sonoma's' Pottery Barn and West Elm,

suited tight with  published articles supporting Style - published writing with in the Metro Gazette

News Paper.

I was humbled too have stumbled into Stein Mart Albany GA, and offered my first actual Visual

Design of Fashion for Men and Women. ( Please Note :Prints From Corporate Not Provided! )

Full circle I guess we swing...

And On that note something else emerging soon on this scene, Music Reviews for Music Lovers.

( Don't Put me in a Box )

Thank Trey Songs and August Alsina ( I get chills ) !

Lets do this... Stop By often you can come in Silence I don't care....

Just come.

Now there will be some dirt...'s


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