Monday, September 5, 2011

It must have been the eyes, the ambiance of his presence that altered my existence. Moments after we exchanged words ; I mean literately a split second after his presence became known; I didn't feel the same. I didn't give to shits for anyone else for some odd reason I only needed to know his name. So I say good-bye to NoLove,open my arms with hopes to create something I will never forget.  

"told you I'd write something for you....."

Friday, July 8, 2011

One sided CONVO

It's Friday Eastern standard time zone.
Jacksonville FL

I'm feeling a little lonerish this evening and the only plan is to play everyone except for family and you know who by the waste side. I really don't understand why I tend to enjoy the moments of solitude. For the most part the only thing that will become of this time with me, myself, and I, will be falling back in love with my  favorite love.... NO DRAMA.
More than certain that most singles are reaching out for space fillers, I'm sitting behind this desk reaching out for my cup of tea and when I look inside, and glance at the darkness while the aroma tingles my senses: I feel nothing but peace and tranquility. Carrie Blackshaw has just figured this out... I hope you plan to enjoy this as much as me.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Book Can"t be Judged by its Cover

No one understood this new profound way my mind was thinking. Far from what they were used too yet even further away from what ever reality they could perceive. At the end of day I figured I owed  no one an explanation for the evolution of maturity I had taken on. The mountains that were laid out in front of me had been crossed. Trust me it wasn't because my closest of friends and family called to ensure I was awake each morning or to see if had food to eat neither was it because I was some undercover superhero with powers to overcome the obstacles life had thrown at my feet.

It's 3:36 PM  I'm at work the forecast calls for rain
The Date is 7/7/11

Nothing is on my mind besides the song :  FOR EVERY MOUNTAIN.



Here you will witness all forms of writing. Pure blogging, pure thoughts, and pure poems. The only thing that is guranteed from myheart-vs-mymind are my true feelings about whatever the topic at hand maybe. I will try my best not to offend anyone during my passionate process.

Please Note: I'm only Human
Blog to you soon

When I smell the lilies

 I still feel hungover
Love drunk off the the thoughts of you
The connection
Linked us together
Nothing could disconnect this
See what happens when
You right your wrongs
And just let things be
I found myself infused
With this situation
Including you and for once all of me

The thoughts that bomb rush me, when I walk alone and smeel the lilies...